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Our Guiding Lights:
Goodness, Truth & Beauty

THE MOTHER'S CENTER is home to life-enriching events and activities including circle work, group meditation, private ceremony and rite of passage, private retreat space and support for the birthing journey. Sitting on 2 acres overlooking Boulder, the land and house are blessed with peace, quietude and beauty. Most of what we do is in circle format – a safe and loving way to share, be acknowledged and enjoy the wisdom of others.


We, like you, are growing every day through a deep commitment to ourselves and our community. We hold sacred the existence of harmony nurtured through our conscious intention for understanding and union. We devote ourselves to a higher and deeper consciousness, a wider and more comprehensive way of being in our work and play. Everything we do we do as service.


We hope that each time you visit, you feel deeply renewed and connected to your Self so that you can

better navigate through life’s challenges and make increased progress in your own self development

and expansion.


There is a lot happening here at The Mother’s Center. We invite you to participate. You will find that many things are free of charge. Donations are always appreciated. A few of our events require registration and payment. If you would like to have a small event here, please contact us.


Join our community - never miss an event!

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