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Private Ceremony and Ritual

Life is sacred and marking important passages with ceremony allows us to honor ourselves and our families while sharing and being witnessed in community. Rites of passage help us dive deep into ourselves and get in touch with the spiritual flow of our inner being. They remind us of what is important in our journey and reconnect us with the world in a greater and more profound way. And finally, they help create a trajectory or path in which we can entrust our aspiration and care. 


As you move from one passage to another, The Mother’s Center is here to help embrace and celebrate your life’s journeys with beauty and grace. In collaboration with your inspiration and vision, we are available to plan and host your event at our center. We can also facilitate your ceremony wherever you wish to have it. Choose one from this list or create your own.

Sacred Wom(b)an Blessing – celebrates the power of Woman through ritual and a yoni (vagina) steam

Bridal Blessing - honors the bride (or both partners) prior to the marriage date (a new spin on a bridal shower)

Pregnancy Blessing - honors the Rite of Passage of pregnancy and birth with community

Postpartum Sealing Ceremony - closes the birthing portal (physically, emotionally and spiritually) with traditional cloth binding

Sacred Baby Blessing – honors and welcomes baby’s arrival (body and soul)

Birthday Blessing – honors the day of birth from a spiritual point of view

Sacred Passing of Pregnancy – honors and holds space for a person after experiencing a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy

Menarche Blessing - honors a young girl’s Rite of Passage into maidenhood -- a perfect opportunity for mothers and daughters


Pricing and planning details are all negotiated individually based on what you would like to create, the number of people attending and location. These ceremonies make excellent gifts – even as surprises! Please contact us at with any questions or ideas you may have!


Top right photo by Lucas Dimoveo Media. Bottom two photos by Nutmeg Photography.

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