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Sitting in Circle

Circles are as old as time and have been used in every culture. It is the wise way to exchange and participate in a tribe, a movement, a business, an organization, any group of people even if there is only a circle of two. With no established leader or hierarchy, circles hold space for each member to be seen and heard. Circles ask that each person show up authentically in a space shaped by mutual agreement. Circles ask for a depth of sharing that brings forth resonance in the group. If we are patient and willing, circles have an emergent possibility for extraordinary gifts of consciousness to be received.

The Sacred Circle

Circle work is sacred work where we can use our deep inner knowing along with the power of our collective intelligence to contribute, grow, expand, receive, heal, journey, create, pray, or fulfill a collective aspiration. Through agreements with each other, the container is built with integrity and becomes a safe field in which to make an offering. In offering one’s “deeper substance” to the center of the circle, there is an acknowledgement that the center can enlighten or inform the circle. The group continues to spiral around and around, going to depth and height, receiving the collective gifts. The true reward is that higher states of Love become self-evident as the greater levels of trust become real to the group. Love has a relationship with action -- love can be extraordinarily responsive, generating and directing individual and collective action.

The Power of Circle

Circle work can help us step out of conventional reality so that we can come back to it with greater capacity. You become centered and more energized. You become powerfully intimate with more of your inner self and more of the inner landscape of the group. Not only do you have more of yourself available for any task at hand, you also have the resonant power of the group. But perhaps most important is the opportunity for continuous reconciliation with your own purpose and the corrective processes of authenticity and integrality. It makes our life’s action and work more direct, focused, powerful and effective.

Defining the Future with Circles

Now that we have moved into the age of the individual, we are starting to gravitate towards something that is greater than each individual having their own private reality. The collective reality needs tools, methods and mechanisms for receiving grace and divinity. Circle work is one of the tools that has emerged out of many peoples’ efforts and is available to those who are willing to work intentionally.

To find upcoming circles you can join, please go to events.

“One of the beautiful things that can happen in circle which is hard to explain until you experience it, is the emergent possibility. If you learn to sit quietly in yourself, not worrying about what to say, or what people think of you, or reacting to what somebody else is saying, then there is a possibility that something will emerge from you that is vaster, wider, higher, deeper, greater. It comes spontaneously because your small self gets out of the way.”
Circle Participant

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