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"What makes The Mother's Center so inspiring to me is seeing the collaboration between the mother-daughter team, Shari and Dakota Hindman. Growing up in my family, it is taught and expected that family members remain in conflict to the point that we want nothing more than to be in separate space. To see these women working together so effortlessly to create sharing circles, rituals, and ceremony is to know that I am truly in the presence of two very connected women. Together they transform ordinary community gatherings into beautifully sacred events by simply offering a space for people to be present with one another. And the food is fantastic! As a pregnant mama turned nursing mama, I have enjoyed many meals created by these ladies, and let me say, I am never disappointed. The Mother's Center events engage all of my senses. From burning sage to the jungle of oversized plants to the heartwarming music to yummy food to the loving hugs, I am left feeling full on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I pray that someday my daughter and I will be this connected so that we too can create something so beautiful together. Thank you Shari and Dakota for creating this space." ~Chandrajot

"I can't say enough good things about this beautiful center and the loving hosts who tend it! I've attended several events there and you can feel the love they put into every corner of the space itself and the gatherings they hold there." ~Janaki

"Wonderful, intimate yoni steam. I wish for everyone to have a chance to experience it. Dakota is radiant and Shari is wise and guided. I am so happy I was able to work in such a loving, intentional way with them both! Thank you!" ~Liz

"Sweet, peaceful, open and loving. What a blessing to be able to share this space!" ~Andrea

"This is an amazing sanctuary space for circles, workshops, events, and healing! Hosted by the lovely Shari and Dakota around a gorgeous central hearth, it feels like walking into a dream realm. Thanks Shari and Dakota for welcoming us into such sweet space!"  ~Madison

"Gratitude to Dakota Hindman for preparing an exquisite blend of herbs & holding sacred space during my nourishing and potent yoni (vagina) steam yesterday! An offering of the heart to all wombyn. Thank you for your care and intention, Dakota. So much love and appreciation for this soul-calling and divine service. If you are desiring to be held in sweet purification of your womb...I highly recommend this beautiful goddess! Also deep bows to The Mother's Center for creating a beautiful sanctuary in the mountains!" ~Adara

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